About Us

We are followers of Jesus from all around the world who desire to see churches and disciples multiply in Spain. WePray4Spain exists because of the faithful service of volunteers and collaborates with the global body of Christ.

  1. Knows that every church multiplication movement in history has had Extraordinary Prayer

  2. Promotes strategic prayer based on church multiplication movement research

  3. Prayer points are super brief, usually 1-to-3 lines long

  4. Asks everyone to not only pray but also mobilize prayer through relationships and opportunities God provides

  5. Strives to make it easier to mobilize more prayer by making it easy for people to sign up for email and Facebook

  6. Loves God, Spain, and collaborating with all Christians to fulfill the Great Commission

  7. Strives to neither under- nor over-estimate man’s role in church multiplication movements

  8. Is not a political agenda, rather an effort for sinners who have found forgiveness in Christ to share this Good News with others